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Thursday, October 1, 2009

What We've Been Up To...

I realize this is not at all "what we've been up to," because if we wrote:

7:00am-Joe and Britt wake up
7:45am-Joe to work
8:15am-Britt to work
4:30pm-Britt home
6:00pm-Joe to school
9:00pm-Joe home

y'all would be like "BORING!" (p.s. doesn't Joe's schedule suck and my schedule totally rule? Just remember that today I had to pick up poop, so don't be too jealous).
So the Halo 3 ODST gamey thingy came out last week. There was a midnight release, and we went to it.
See? We're wearing Halo shirts 'cause we're cool. This reminds me of our last Halo-related midnight relase: November 2004 to get Halo 2 at the Media Play in Orem. Joe chillin with Master Chief. Wow, I can't believe Halo has played such an important part in our lives for this long. Crazy.
On Saturday Joe had some law school friends over to watch cool 80's movies (of the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Steven Seagal variety); they do this every few months and rotate living rooms. Fun idea. Anyway, I used it as an excuse to make some pretty unhealthy snacks and to use our keep-food-warm thingy. Those are little smokies, stuffed potato skins and quesadillas. YUM. When is the next party? I will pretend to tolerate those movies if I can make junk food again.
I know you guys have really missed the cat pictures, so here's one. Remember Joe's schedule? Sometimes he falls asleep on the couch. Wherever he is, Lucky finds him and cuddles up. Cute.
And finally, I present to you: Photos hung in living room. We wanted to go a little "DC," so we enlarged our own photos of the Washington Monument, the Capitol, and the Iwo Jima Memorial. This took me way too long to not post a photo showing off my work.
I also put those LED-candles in the fireplaces because we never use it. They're on a timer, so every night from 7-midnight they "flicker". Way better than fake logs.*****
By this time tomorrow we will be on the lawn of the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Virginia Beach, getting ready for the Blink 182 concert. I can't wait.


deanna said...

I remember when I used to reap the benefits of that quesadilla maker... sigh.

Alli said...

That picture of Lucky and Joe is cute. And funny.

Shauna said...

Hey - I recognize that keep-food-warm thingy! :) Have a great time in Virginia Beach! I'm sure the concert will be awesome.

Britt said...

yes, thank you to shauna for the deep, DEEP discount on our keep-food-warm thingy :) so awesome!