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Friday, October 30, 2009


Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted much this semester, it's been crazy. Pretty much every day something bizarre and funny happens at this office. I don't know if it's our location or what, but if all I did was post the weird things that happen here, I wouldn't have time to do anything else. That being said, I have a funny story from today to share.

So, last week Jeb Bush (not this Bush brother) was on campus at our Media and Public Affairs Building giving a speech about how the GOP can remake its image. It was a pretty big news on campus and around town, because Jeb has been keeping a low profile, and lots of people had initially hoped he would be the Bush son to be president.

Anyway, we've got a crazy guy that comes to our office a lot. He apparently used to work at the Library of Congress, and is on medical disability. He demands random information about scholarships, and the paralegal certification / Master's degree program. The school advertises their paralegal and other professional certification programs heavily in the newspaper because they are profitable programs for the University.

So today he came in with a newspaper, and was livid. He had circled the time and room of the Paralegal program information session, but had apparently got it mixed up with the Jeb Bush speech. He came in today to the office and was yelling "I sat through the whole Jeb Bush program but he never got around to talking about paralegal studies!"

PS - after typing this out I realize it doesn't read as being very funny. But it was hilarious to me that a 40 year old man who knows who Jeb Bush is would think he was going to do a presentation on a paralegal certification, and that all the press would be here to cover it.


Wells said...

that made me laugh so hard! you and your nutcases.

Alli said...

You should have told him about John Kerry's scholarship presentation that's about to start in 5 minutes.

Liz H. said...

joe you are hilarious! post more often! :)