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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two dollars!

Only at GW... so today is the deadline to turn in some form for study abroad, and it must be notarized, which costs two dollars. One of the kids today brought the form, and complained about the $2 fee. HEY KID, YOU ARE SPENDING $50,000 A YEAR TO GET A LIBERAL ARTS DEGREE, OBVIOUSLY FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY IS NOT ONE OF YOUR TOP PRIORITIES, NOW STOP WHINING AND ENJOY YOUR TIME IN PARIS. I HEAR ITS BEAUTIFUL IN THE SPRINGTIME.


one of the girls in line for the notary said she hates her life, because the notary told her she couldn't notarize her forms without a photo ID.


Britt said...

Don't even get me started about these kids. Okay, go ahead and get me started...

a) Overheard in the lounge "Well, I'm sure your parents set up a bank account for you. Mine did to build credit...or something."

b) I replaced a girl's ID card for the 30th time the other day. 30 x $25 = $750 spent on lost cards.

I'll stop now.

Maren said...

Ok so when I saw the title all I could think of was the movie Better Off Dead where the paperboy is totally harassing John Cusack's character. "I want my two dollars!" he he he

The Hawkins said...

Your stories are so funny. I can only repeat funny things Braxton says and none of them are original. They are all movie lines.