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Monday, April 20, 2009

The one where the gang goes dumpster diving...

Sunday, 4pm:
I went to put a milk carton in the recycling box (because we're cool like that,) and saw a Poang Ikea chair and foot rest (retail value $135,) being thrown away. In the five minutes it took me to decide it would be perfect for the living room and I go to get it, it's gone. I went to the downstairs dumpster and saw the footrest on top of the dumpster...but the chair was nowhere to be seen. I didn't think the chair was in the dumpster, but I wanted to know. So I climbed up into the dumpster and move around a few trash bags. The chair wasn't there, so I grabbed the footrest.

Then I heard, "Hey Joe! Joe Cramer! What are you doing?" It's the only person in our whole apartment complex that I know; a girl I went to high school with. She's dressed to the nines and on her way out with her boyfriend. As I crawled out of the dumpster clutching my prize, I invited her to a barbeque at our place next month. I doubt they'll come, since they probably think I go dumpster diving for food.

Long story short, I found the rest of the chair. We cleaned it up, and it's awesome. The cats like it, too.


Wells said...

awesome. classic cramer side-of-the-road! you're a great storyteller, and i'm way impressed with the kitty door (want to install one next time you're here?).

deanna said...

You complete me!