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Monday, November 10, 2008

Now and Then

So the other day I was at work and realized I had been gainfully (never had any reason to use that word until now) employed for SIX WHOLE MONTHS. Then last night I was going through some photos and thought HOLY COW, so much has changed this year. Then tonight while I had a lot of thinking time on the Metro I came up with the idea of this post. The differences between living in Orem earlier this year, and living in VA now...

THEN: our "bills" was one rent check.

NOW: we have a mortgage, condo fees, internet, electricity, and gas bills.

THEN: we had 2 cars that we drove each day.

NOW: we have 1 car that we average driving 20 miles a week.

THEN: my commute was a walk to the car and a 10 minute drive.

NOW: my commute is a walk to the Metro, a wait for the Metro, a sometimes-packed ride on the Metro, and a walk to work. Usual commute is now 30 minutes.

THEN: we had neighbors downstairs with a band and neighbors upstairs that would have elephant races at 3 a.m.

NOW: we have next-door neighbors that cook foul-smelling food all day long, but have never heard from any of them.

THEN: I worked 25 hours a week in someone's home.

NOW: I work 40 hours a week at a large institution.

THEN: Marcus would sleep over every once and awhile when he was too tired to drive back to Salt Lake.

NOW: we have had 6 overnight guests so far (and everyone is welcome!)

THEN: the latest Joe and I would ever get home on a weeknight is 6pm.

NOW: we sometimes don't see each other until 9:30 pm.

THEN: I could casually shop at Costco, Walmart and Target.

NOW: shopping trips are a major event, usually reserved for the weekends.

THEN: the only furniture we owned was a TV.

NOW: we own beds, a couch, table, desks, chairs, bookcases, etc.

THEN: we had to do lots of research to plan a night out.

NOW: we could do something different and awesome every day forever and ever.

THEN: Joe's closest sibling was 27 miles away.

NOW: Joe's closest sibling is 453 miles away.

THEN: Church was at 1pm.

NOW: Church is still at 1pm...but since we live on the East Coast, we don't miss all the good football games :)

And we all know a post is no fun without pictures!

Bedroom in Utah:


Bedroom in VA before we bought:


Bedroom in VA right after move-in:


Bedroom now (minus a lamp, nightstand and curtains. I'm just too lazy to make the bed to take another photo):


Living room in Utah:


Living room in VA before we bought:


Living room in VA right after move-in:


Living room now:




Joe said...

THEN: I had a job.

NOW: I don't have a job.


deanna said...

Then: I was skinny.
Now: I've gained 574 pounds from Czech goulash and dumplings.
save me!

Reed and Liz said...

then: i was pregnant and went to work everyday; reed worked from home.

now: i have cute baby eva; reed goes to work everyday.

your place is SO cute! i want to come visit!

Sarah and Robbie said...

fine, I'll play too . . .

then- I didn't hang out with you guys as much as I should have when we lived closer

now- maybe I can see you if I come for the inauguration!! :)

and your apartment is totally cute and I love that we are city people together

Wells said...

THEN: you guys hung out over here every so often
NOW: we miss you!

Karson and Betsy Denney said...

I love your house! You were always good at decorating. I hope all is well with you and Joe!

The Hawkins said...

I love your house. I so wish I had fun things to do all the time. I'm sick of dinner and a movie.

The Hawkins said...

Sorry...I forgot to put mine in. Then: I saw you 3 times a year when your mom was in town.

Now: I may see you once, because your mom is in town.