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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Happenings

We had a pretty low-key, but VERY fun, Halloween this year. First, we helped with the ward Trunk-or-Treat/Chili Cook-off. We were the candy refillers and kids' costume judges. I was also recruited to help paint faces, and Joe was in charge of wrangling kids during the awards ceremony.

Tons of fun! The Activities Committee did a great job.

Joe and his classic (7 years in a row) costume.

At my face-painting station. I practiced bats and pumpkins all night, and the first girl to get her face painted asked for her whole face to be painted like a butterfly. The next girl wanted a unicorn. I'm sure their parents were really confused after they left the table.

On Halloween night, we had a fun get-together at our place. Lots of yummy food and conversation, then pumpkin carving. We ended the night with some dice games, and called it good.
All the ingredients you need (minus the whipped cream) for some caramel apple cider. Thanks Cocomotion!

My favorite fall indulgence. Who knew canned pumpkin, spice cake mix and chocolate chips could taste so delicious?

How did everyone end up in the kitchen?

Even Katherine and Peter knew that kitchen=goodies.

I did most of the dirty work (initial carving and de-gutting)...

...while Joe free-handed our Capipumpkin (I just made that up, just now; I'm so proud).

Matt, our cheerleader.

Jack Skellington, Comb-over guy, and the Nation's Capitol.

In the dark!

One big reason I was scared to leave Utah was because we had such a great group of friends that we could gather with on any and every occasion...including the Super Bowl, Casino Night, the Flavor of Love finale, birthdays, Halo parties, the Academy Awards, or just to watch NBC's Thursday night lineup. We had adventures with custom-made Bingo cards, dressing up, spilling deep-fryer oil on the floor (good thing it was at Parkway!), throwing fake money around (or real money at Jacob's,) and borrowing a neighbor's couch so we could cram 15+ into our tiny living room. I used to get very sad thinking about how I will never get to have those times with those people ever again...but we're having new experiences with new people, and those are fun times, too :) I miss everyone in Utah so much, and hope to see you all at Christmastime!


JoJo said...

Kitchen = Little Smokeys. That was so why I was in there!!!

Thanks for a great party. We love hanging out with you guys... so do call us and let us lounge with you. Seriously, who says that?!?!

Apparently, ME!!!

JoJo said...

"who says that" = "let us lounge with you." I don't even know where that came from.