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Friday, July 4, 2008

What I've Done Without the 'Bu

(The 'Bu is the Malibu). With Joe coming out in about a week, (and bringing the car with him), I wanted to tell everyone how I got around without a car.

The first 5 weeks out here I rented a car 3 different times. I would run as many errands as I could to buy all the stuff I needed for the condo. (In a given car-rental-spree, I would try to hit Ikea, Home Depot, Target, Crate & Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.)

Once I got the bulk of things I needed, I stopped renting a car and did pretty well for myself. For little trips to the grocery store, I would attach an Ikea bag to a cart and walk about 5 minutes to Giant. It worked really well, and as a bonus I looked environmentally-friendly.

Recently I wanted to go to Trader Joe's, which is a little too far/dangerous to walk to. So I rented a ZipCar! They keep some at the Metro station by us, so it's really convenient. You reserve your car online, then take your ZipCard (looks like a credit card) and wave it over the car's windshield to unlock the doors. The keys are attached to a cord inside, and there's a gas card inside so you can fill up if needed. It's only $10/hour, plus a $25 yearly membership fee. It's a good option for a second car incase we need one.

Other than my walking and ZipCarring, I take the Metro to work and that about does it. I think our driving-everyday-days are over. If we want to do anything in the city, we'll already be there Monday-Friday, so we can just take the Metro. The car will be nice for weekend trips and church, but the 'Bu can have a little rest after its trip across the country. I feel so urban!


Abbie said...

Zip cars are so awesome. Funny I say that because I've never used one but I love the idea. :)

**Em** said...

That's such a cool idea - and pretty cheap too!