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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Yeah, my gun is upside down.

The ladies of GWorld (minus Emily). Don't mess with us.

My headshot.

I went paintballing for the first time yesterday and had so much fun! A co-worker set it up for us and our friends and family, so Marcus and Joe got to come too. I was pretty awful; I got hit all but one round. I have 10 amazing bruises on my arms, legs, back and neck. My legs are also protesting all the squats and running I engaged in. But it was great! I can't wait to do it again...some time after I recover :)


Ashley said...

How FUN!!! I've always wanted to go paintballing!!!! When you're recovered, I'll go with you again! :)

Lindsey said...

I'm so jelous of how adventurous you are!!

Pear said...

You know this is exactly why I've never wanted to go paintballing. Call me crazy but welts and bruises don't sound very appealing. (The face shot was pretty hilarious though.)

Elizabeth said...

Too Fun! Steven keeps saying how he wants to paintball here, especially with all of the trees.

Yes, we are headed to DC next month actually for a friends wedding! We're driving up Saturday, Aug. 16 and staying in a hotel. We were hoping we could see you and Joe on Sunday for breakfast, brunch, church or just saying hello, etc.

We would love to see the much blogged about condo!