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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Creative Packaging

I should have been an engineer. As Joe and I were wrapping up (haha) the last of our moving items, we came to some of the more important things; things we didn't want to pack and move until we absolutely had to. So by the time we got to our computer, we were out of all our bubble wrap, packaging tape, and other packing essentials. What you see pictured is our computer tower surrounded by 32 styrofoam plates and held together by some bungee cords that I thought might be helpful in the move. Boy, were they ever. We wrapped the whole thing in some towels and called it good. Genius? I like to think so, thanks.

On that note, all our worldly posessions are somewhere en route to Virginia. We packed up our cubes in what can only be described as a miracle (that we finished packing, that we finished on time, that we didn't hurt ourselves or each other, etc.) More posts to follow on the exciting lives of movers, but for now I need a nap :)


Reed and Liz said...

i love it! nice work :) i bet you're relieved to have the packing done!

deanna said...

I like you guys.

The Gainors said...

ISN'T MOVING THE WORST? unpacking is way more fun. good luck lady!