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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

The funny thing with this blog is that people are going to think we do lots of fun things all the time. The truth is I wont post pictures of us sitting around our house, so you get to see all the fun stuff. Halloween was great; I was a witch and Joe was Jim from The Office. We started the festivities at Joe's office party. Everyones' kids showed up and just went to each cubicle for candy...which can't be any harder than Trunk-or-Treating. I swear, no effort is necessary anymore to get candy. After that we went to Dan & Judy's for some great food; Dan & Nicole's to say hi; Cameron & Wendy's for cider, hot chocolate and donuts; and we finally saw Jacob's place just down the street from us. For having no Halloween plans, we kept ourselves pretty busy.


Abbie said...

How did you get your hair so dark? I think I like it like that!!

Britt said...

It's these hair extensions I had dyed for my wedding :) That's usually the color I get it just washes out of my normal hair so quickly :(

Reed and Liz said...

joe, i LOVE your jim costume! very fun!