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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gun Show

Went to the National Gun Show today and made sure to wear my best camo. I don't own any guns, but I do like to people watch. The gun show was in the same building where we went to the cat show. not a lot of crossover between the two groups.

Older Bro Ben

BFF Marc

Lots of Third reich memorabilia. not sure if the sellers were like "this was part of history and worth collecting" or like "Man, those were the days" but either way, nazi stuff is way expensive. marc didnt buy any because he didnt want to feel like the neighbor from "American Beauty"

A stool made out of an elephants foot

Lots of ron paul supporters. obama... not so much.

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Michael and Natalie said...

You need to post a loooooot more. I love Britt posting, too. You both need to just post more. But Joe I lol'ed for a long time at this post.