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Sunday, January 16, 2011


These are my co-workers from the EBD program at school. This was an ugly sweater Christmas party, but I could only find a semi-ugly sweater so I wore Christmas ornaments as earrings and tied a bow on my head.

Dave and I saw this "hurricane simulator" at the mall, so I made him get in it. For $2 you stand there and then it gets really windy. Totally worth it.

Has anyone else tried these? They are SO GOOD. That's all.

Have you ever seen the cool things in SkyMall and wanted to buy EVERY ITEM like us? Well we finally got's a toy that only DeeDee has shown interest in so far; this string comes around again and again...flinging toward her for just a second or two. If she grabs it, it stops until she lets go...and then just keeps going again and again. She loves it.

Mom, this is what you got me for Christmas this year. It ROCKS. It's the Brookstone iNeed and it's the best massager ever. Better yet, I had a coupon. Yesssssss.

Joe's parents got us a Blendtec, made famous from the "Will it Blend" videos. It was a little intimidating to use at first, but I think we're getting the hang of it. Best blender ever!! Watch below to see a video of the same blender destroying an iPad! If you click twice on the video below, it will take you to a larger version on


Ashley said...

Love all the blog posts! And that blender is amazing!

Sarah Culp said...

Hey, we miss you guys, out here in blogging-world! :)