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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Utah Trip!

Last weekend we went to Utah for Jacob and Ashley's wedding. The ceremony and reception were gorgeous! We spent four nights in four different places, and saw as many friends as we could. These trips are never long enough, but we were so glad we got to sneak away for a few days.

We enjoyed:
-the wedding ceremony and luncheon at La Caille in Sandy
-MoTab choir practice
-yoga, pool, and hot tub usage at Terrace Falls
-Olympic parks, Main Street, and alpine slides in Park City
-hot dogs at JDawgs!
-the wedding reception at Sleepy Ridge in Provo
-the after-party where I fell asleep on the couch by 11pm
-present opening and cinnamon rolls with Ashley's family
-a quick trip to see Jenice and baby McCoy
-Tucano's with Dave and Anna
-BYU game (win!) with Dave and Anna
-Jersey Shore party with friends
-brunch with family
-second brunch/lunch with more family
-sandwiches and s'mores with even more family in the canyon
-Sunday night football and In-N-Out with friends
-one day of sleeping in!!!


Alli said...

It looks like you had fun! And Britt, you look amazing in that dress at the wedding. So pretty!

deanna said...

sexy dress and boots, Britt!

Ashley said...

What a fun trip! And you look great, by the way! What a gorgeous dress!! :) glad you had a fun time!