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Sunday, July 4, 2010

...and a good time was had by ALL

Last week I went home for a most excellent Ellingson gathering. We had great food, awesome weather, and good-quality company! I can't really put into words how nice it was to be home; it was a wonderful trip, and just what I needed before I start school on Tuesday.

Jake, Asher and I stopped by to see Melsie and Sunny on the way to LC.

Beachtime with AsherBoo!

Newport Bayfront with Dad

Handsome Asher

Showing Jake how high he can jump

Asher and Berta crack each other up

 Bonfire on the beach

 Grandma Dawn enjoying the bonfire

He gets his athletic skills from his aunt Brittney

The whole crew...we're only missing four people from the extended family

Our cool tshirts! Thanks to Jean and Erica!

The back of our shirts: a quote from Grandpa after a family outing...where some did not have a good time :)

Bocce ball crew

Some highlights of the reunion include:
-winning at the game Hand and Foot 2 nights in a row
-playing Hand and Foot until 4am, and laughing until I cried...a lot
-watching my brother be a daddy
-listening to Asher tell Jake "Brittney hit me" when I didn't touch him (Asher just didn't want me to be around me anymore)
-eating DELICIOUS meals!!
-watching the ocean with Grandma

I love you guys!


Anita Cramer Wells said...

what fun! glad you could make it out there. and i love the t-shirt motto!

deanna said...

love bocce ball and the photos are so good... especially the one of the little guy jumping

Liz H. said...

cute pics! love the back of the t-shirt :)

Arya said...

I miss the coast and it was great to relive great memories through your pictures...I knew right were you guys were at!

Thanks for sharing!

Marika said...

OMH I LOVE HAND AND FOOT! Do I smell a throwdown?

Kristina said...

How fun! Looks like you guys had a blast.

molly said...

a good time was had by most... CLASSIC!!