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Friday, March 6, 2009

My Job

I hate to overpost, but I'm going to share a few things from my job. I work behind a desk in a public area, so every day I am approached with bizzare questions. Just this week:

- A man walked up and asked if this was the bookstore. There are no books in our office, and nothing for sale.

- A woman walked up and said "Where do I put my social security number?" That was her whole question. I said, "What?" And she asked again. I have found that if people ask ridiculous questions and you ask them to repeat the question, they don't rephrase or refine their question, they just repeat it in its ridiculous glory.

- A man filled out an application for an ID card, and tried to stuff it in our "Suggestions" box.

- An armed guard w/ a bulletproof vest and a gun tried to give us a day's worth of deposits, thinking we were the bank. When we told him where the real bank was, he didn't believe us, and said incredulously, "I'll give it a try." I guess I should have kept the loot. :)

Update: A woman just asked to use our phone. I asked who to call. She said 411. I asked why she needed information, she said she needed the number for the Registrar at George Mason University. I looked that number up, and gave it to her, and asked if she wanted me to dial. She said, "No thanks, I have my cell phone with me."


Britt said...

might i add i deal with the same amount of ridiculousness, but most people are yelling at me during it.

deanna said...

I love smrt people! Maybe you're just on totally hidden video and they're waiting for you to kill someone??

Michael and Natalie said...

We'll be in DC 3/27-3/29. Can we meet up for dinner? We're staying at the in Arlington/Rosslyn.