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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Britt!

!!!!! 21 is always a big one !!!!!!
well I've never met anyone who doesn't like Britt, she is awesome. happy birthday to you, I hope you find something fun to do! I hope you like the cats (if they ever get there) and the concert on friday. you rule!




Britt said...

thanks baby! i'll have you all know that joe found that photo all by's a family fave.

Emily said...

That's such an adorable picture. Happy Birthday Britt!!! Hope you have a GREAT day!

Marika said...

Happy Berfday to you! That pic is so cute! I like that you can tell it's you :)


Liz H. said...

you're darling, britt -- then and now! happy birthday!

deanna said...

birthday! tell ben and Mr. A-Z hi for me. I'm so jealous!

Arya said...

I hope your birthday is a good one!!

Sarah and Robbie said...

Freakin' cute, Joe.
And true, everyone loves Britt.

And Haaapy Biirthday, tooo, yoou. (that was sung)

Kristina said...

Happy birthday Brittney!! That is a cute picture!